2591 Main St,
Soquel, CA 95073

Michael's on Main adheres to all required County COVID mandates & restrictions. Masks not required. 


Sun. Aug. 14 at 5:30pm

$15 Adv. $20 Door   

Grateful Dead tunes with Matt Hartle and Friends

Artist sites and sounds:    www.facebook.com/GratefulSundays/

New weekly link to Grateful Sundays live online can be found every Sunday at: https://m.facebook.com/GratefulSundays/


Trivia Night w/ Johnny Tsunami


Tue. Aug 16 6pm to 8pm
No Cover




Highly acclaimed solo acoustic guitarist playing with one the world's finest bass players

Tue. Aug. 16 at 7:30pm

$20 Seated <21 w/parent

Michael Gulezian  (gu-LAY-ze-in) is one of the most highly acclaimed solo acoustic instrumental guitarists of our time. He is a phenomenal technical guitarist with the rare ability to transcend his own virtuosity, creating music that touches and moves people at the deepest level. He's been called the musical link between John Fahey and Michael Hedges. Artists as diverse as Michael Hedges, Willy Porter, and Henry Kaiser have claimed him as a primary musical influence; young lions such as Erik Mongrain, Andy McKee, and Trevor Gordon Hall are quick to acknowledge him as an inspiration. In concert, Michael is all warmth and humor and it is visually breathtaking to watch him perform..  If you enjoy the artistry of musicians such as Leo Kottke and Michael Hedges – guitarists who amaze us with what ten fingers and one guitar can do – then you will love Michael Gulezian. 

Michael Manring  is hailed by many as the world's leading solo bassist.  While his technical skill and innovations always make an impression, it is his ability to communicate on a profound emotional level that most touches listeners. Building on the conceptions of his teacher, the late bass legend Jaco Pastorius, Michael has developed a new approach to the instrument that includes unorthodox tunings, techniques and methodologies. He has honed his skills on hundreds of recordings as a session musician and thousands of concerts throughout the world in venues including Carnegie Hall in NY, Yamaha Hall in Tokyo and Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco.

Artist sites and sounds:  

and  www.manthing.com
and  https://www.facebook.com/events/583200773390487



Wed. Aug. 17 at 5pm

 No Cover

HUMP DAY happens every Wednesday and features TED WELTY and Ted's SPECIAL GUEST of the week. Native Santa Cruz musician Ted Welty, a guitarist and singer/songwriter, is best known as co-founder of 1990s alternative rock band Iguana Jive. The group was signed in 1994 by indie label, Maddog Records, and went on to record their first album at A&M studios. A second album was recorded and released in 1997. Ted is currently a member of the popular bands Locomotive Breath and Spun.

Artist sites and sounds:






Rock ‘n' Roll filled night of originals and covers raising the fund to produce their first album. 

Thu. Aug. 18 at 7:30pm
$10 Dance<21 w/parent

"Hailing from Santa Cruz, California, The New Horizons are a rock power group shredding since 2017. With influences such as Santana, Tame Impala, Bob Marley, Van Halen, AC/DC, The Beatles, and many more, The New Horizons bring a blend of styles to the stage.

Their lineup consists of Jacob Bayani (lead guitar and vocals) of Quinn Becker and the Spacemen, Jimmy Palafox (drums) of Santa Cruz Latin Collective, Aidan Santa Cruz( Keys) of Sonic Architect and Quinn Becker (bass, guitar, and vocals) of Moonshine Crossroads. They're excited to bring you a Rock ‘n' Roll filled night of originals and covers. The group released two songs, “No Rich Man” and a cover of Bob Dylan's “Slow Train” to online streaming services last summer, in the hopes of building the band's fanbase and raising money to finish their album. They hope to release the album later this year. Please support the release of their first album by purchasing a copy of their EP. All money will go toward funding their release. Thank you.

Artist sites and sounds: 
https://www.instagram.com/thenewhorizonsband/ and https://www.facebook.com/Thenewhorizonsband831/



HOO are the Owls?  They are Bob O'Neill, Craig Owens,
and Harpin Jonny

Fri. Aug. 19 at 5pm
No Cover

HOO are the Owls? are Bob O'Neill—songwriter & founding member of Snail—on vocals & guitar, Craig Owens--bass player and vocalist extraordinaire, and Harpin Jonny: virtuoso harmonica player & vocalist in the Larry Hosford band and many other bands. This unique trio has come together to create a brilliant balance of blues, R&B, and original tunes. The OWLS will take you on a fascinating musical flight!

Artist sites and sounds:



Mother Hips legend Celebrating his new record “Giving It All Away”

Fri. Aug. 19 at 8pm
$20 adv./$25 door Dance<21 w/parent

(((folkYEAH!))) Presents

“When your heart breaks, it also opens up,” says Greg Loiacono. “It's easy to be afraid of getting hurt, but sometimes you need that pain and loss to make room for growth and joy. Sometimes you need to let go in order to figure out what's worth holding onto.”

Greg Loiacono: With his charismatic new album, Giving It All Away (Blue Rose Music), Loiacono dives headfirst into the dichotomies of love, exploring happiness and heartache and redemption and regret, all with great insight and empathy. The songs here are warm and inviting, even as they grapple with longing and loneliness, and the performances are similarly resilient, insisting on hope and perseverance at every turn. While most listeners may know Loiacono as a gritty rock and soul man from his work with The Mother Hips and Chris Robinson, the singer who emerges here is a far more sensitive storyteller, one whose tender delivery and heartfelt lyrics lay it all on the line in the plainspoken poetry of Bill Withers or The Everly Brothers. It'd be easy to call the album a departure for the famed California songwriter, but in truth, it's really just another step on a long road of self-discovery.

Getaway Dogs :This is the soundtrack to a lush, summer dream: A rosey, jazzy, and fruitful escape through music. With a potent blend of indie rock, Tropicália, surf, and soul styles, Getaway Dogs is the brainchild of Brazilian-American songwriter Kai Killion. Based in the coastal region of Santa Cruz, Kai's music is reflective of the environment in which he creates. In fact, so much so that it sounds as though it was conceived deep under the ocean's surface... A reverb-drenched dreamscape grounded at its rawest form in simple, honest songwriting. Kai has been performing his original songs in and around the San Francisco Bay Area since 2013, both solo and with a full band.

Artist sites and sounds:  https://gregloiacono.com and www.getawaydogs.com



A Tribute to the Grateful Dead

Sat. Aug. 20 at 7:30pm
$20 Dance <21 w/parent

The China Cats: Performing for nearly a decade and nearly 200 shows, China Cats continues the musical tradition of the Grateful Dead while throwing a new kind of gasoline on the fire. On any given night the band will play songs from throughout the Dead's 30-year repertoire. Their joy and enthusiasm for making music together is so contagious that the band has featured guest appearances from Grateful Dead alum, including original member Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay. Melvin Seals of the Jerry Garcia Band has sporadically joined the band since 2013. China Cats performs throughout California including a recent series at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, which belongs to Dead bassist Phil Lesh. Each performance is a new, communal journey.

Band members seek out a unique style and sound while paying homage to the spirit of the Dead. “On these tunes, there are certain things that are specific, and certain things that are wide open to interpretation," guitarist Matt Hartle told the San Jose Mercury News. "It's never about going back. It's always looking to the present moment that we're having. We're not playing the 1973 version of the song or the '79 or the '92 version. Every time the China Cats play a song, it's a new experience. "Matt Hartle brings experience from collaborations with Dead-family musicians including Henry Kaiser, Michael Kang (String Cheese Incident), and is a current member of Painted Mandolin with former Garcia-Grisman instrumentalist Joe Craven. Rhythm guitarist Scott Cooper has recorded with members of Little Feat, Galactic, David Nelson Band, New Riders. His debut solo CD reached #5 on the Relix jam band radio charts. Steve regularly plays keys in Stu Allen & Mars Hotel. Roger formerly played bass in David Gans & the Sycamore Slough String Band and has performed with artists such as Frank Wakefield. Michael is an in-demand drummer who is versed in New Orleans, jazz, reggae and African styles.

Artist sites and sounds:   www.thechinacats.com


Sun. Aug. 21 at 5:30pm

$15 Adv. $20 Door   

Grateful Dead tunes with Matt Hartle and Friends

Artist sites and sounds:    www.facebook.com/GratefulSundays/

New weekly link to Grateful Sundays live online can be found every Sunday at: https://m.facebook.com/GratefulSundays/


Trivia Night w/ Johnny Tsunami


Tue. Aug 23 6pm to 8pm
No Cover




w/ special guests Jim Lewin and Bill Laymon

Wed. Aug. 24 at 5pm
No Cover

HUMP DAY happens every Wednesday and features TED WELTY and Ted's SPECIAL GUEST of the week. Native Santa Cruz musician Ted Welty, a guitarist and singer/songwriter, is best known as co-founder of 1990s alternative rock band Iguana Jive.  The group was signed in 1994 by indie label, Maddog Records, and went on to record their first album at A&M studios. A second album was recorded and released in 1997. Ted is currently a member of the popular bands Locomotive Breath and Spun.

Artist sites and sounds: 


An authentic and power-packed tribute to the iconic Rock bands of the 70's

Thu. Aug. 25 at 7:30pm

$10 Dance <21 w/parent

PET ROXX is an authentic, fun-filled tribute to the great songs of the 70s Singer/Songwriter era, as well as its iconic bands and artists.

Artist sites and sounds:




Fri. Aug. 26 at 5pm

 No Cover  

Stormin' Norman Louis, Jojo Fox and Ken Kraft play a Great Acoustic Blend & Vocal Harmonies, Fun Tunes!



Painted Mandolin
feat. Joe Craven 

Dynamic, High Energy Acoustic Journey thru Jerry Garcia's Repertoire

Fri. Aug. 26 at 7:30pm

$25 Dance <21 w/parent


Painted Mandolin: A dynamic, acoustic journey through Jerry Garcia's repertoire and beyond, this quartet offers original arrangements, surprising twists and turns, and jams that rise up your spine. Painted Mandolin moves your toes, and heels, and soul---pulsing through this music that we love. Painted Mandolin is: Joe Craven--Mandolin, Fiddle, Vocals and Percussion. Joe was a member of the Garcia/Grisman Band from 1991-1994, and a member of the David Grisman Quintet, from 1989-2004. Band leader, record producer, session player, festival MC and fashion insultant, Joe has recorded and performed with many great artists for over 40 years and he is an award winning educator.

 Larry Graff--Guitar  and Vocals. Larry is the founding member of the world-famous Banana Slug String Band, for 32 years the Slugs have toured North America, bringing Eco-Science to kids and families. Larry, a Deadhead for 40 years, brings experience, knowledge, passion, energy and love to the stage...every time. Matt Hartle--Guitar, Banjotar, and Vocals. Matt is in his 5th year of residency at Grateful Sundays at Michael's on Main with Matt Hartle and friends, where he weekly collaborates with the finest Grateful Dead musicians in California, and is lead guitarist of the China Cats.  His emotive and skillful playing, leaves audiences dancing, gasping, and wondering where he is playing next! He has performed in hundreds of Grateful Dead inspired shows in the last 20 years.  Dan Robbins--Upright and Electric Bass. Dan has played and recorded in settings ranging from solos and duos to big band and orchestra. He is greatly admired for his exceptional tone and his harmonic and rhythmic sophistication making him an in-demand bassist on stage, in the studio and as an educator. 

Artist sites and sounds:  www.facebook.com/PaintedMando/


The music of the Eagles with impeccable vocal harmonies and masterful musicianship

Sat. Aug. 27 at 8pm $20
  Dance <21 w/parent

Lyin' I's  is an Eagles Tribute band from Northern California.  Lyin' I's faithfully recreates the music of the Eagles with impeccable vocal harmonies and masterful musicianship.  Most members of the band play 2 or more instruments so every song comes to life with its original instrumentation and sound.  Lyin' I's' song list is comprehensive with songs from every Eagles album as well as the hits from the Eagles members solo records like Funk '49 from Joe Walsh's James Gang era and Boys of Summer from Don Henley's hit solo album Building The Perfect Beast.  Add in the charismatic, audience engaging personalities in Lyin' I's and you'll have an event where the crowd will be dancing and singing along from the very first song to the last!  

Artist sites and sounds: 
  Artist sites and sounds:   www.lyinis.com


Sun. Aug. 28 at 5:30pm

$15 Adv. $20 Door   

Grateful Dead tunes with Matt Hartle and Friends

Artist sites and sounds:    www.facebook.com/GratefulSundays/

New weekly link to Grateful Sundays live online can be found every Sunday at: https://m.facebook.com/GratefulSundays/


Trivia Night w/ Johnny Tsunami


Tue. Aug 30 6pm to 8pm
No Cover




Fuse features Don Caruth, Ryan Price, Rob Ouse, Ted Welty

Wed. Aug. 31 at 5pm

No Cover

HUMP DAY happens every Wednesday and features TED WELTY and Ted's SPECIAL GUEST of the week. Native Santa Cruz musician Ted Welty, a guitarist and singer/songwriter, is best known as co-founder of 1990s alternative rock band Iguana Jive.  The group was signed in 1994 by indie label, Maddog Records, and went on to record their first album at A&M studios. A second album was recorded and released in 1997. Ted is currently a member of the popular bands Locomotive Breath and Spun.

Artist sites and sounds: 



Reggae, Rocksteady, Early Jamaican Hits --  all-star multi-generational dance band

Thu. Sept. 1 at 7:30pm

 $10 Dance <21 w/parent

BOOM DRAW specializes in the sweet soulful sounds of foundation-era rocksteady, the musical link that took Jamaican music out of ska and into reggae, showing off the best of both. Hailing from Santa Cruz, BOOM DRAW features an all-star, multi-generational lineup of dedicated singers and players known for backing a raft of Jamaican reggae artists both on tour and in the studio. Locally, BOOM DRAW's ranks include members of Santa Cruz and Bay Area reggae institutions like Pure Roots, the Rastafarians, Dub Congress, Inka Inka, Root Awakening, the Sugarbeats, and more. Their mission: to irresistibly rock dancefloors with "boom draws" — strictly classic songs drawn from reggae's formative years, when the vibes were crucial and the rhythm was king.

BOOM DRAW is: Herb Daly – bass, vocals, Dan Hennig – rhythm guitar, vocals, Matt “Matty B” Barnett – lead guitar, Dan “Danny Dub” Shafer – keyboards, vocals, Amanda “Commanda” Kaay – saxophone, vocals Lou Neuburger – drums

Artist sites and sounds:  www.facebook.com/boom.draw.band




Soulful vocals, masterful guitar work, and rich vocal harmonies and a special guest

Fri. Sept. 2 at 5pm

No Cover

Ripatti & Rose is a singing and instrumental duo featuring Alisha Ripatti & Dylan Rose - two of Santa Cruz, California's finest young musical talents! These locally raised musicians have teamed up to combine their wealth of skill and influences, providing both classic covers and original songs. Come enjoy their unique blend of soulful vocals, masterful guitar work, and rich vocal harmonies.

Artist sites and sounds:  www.facebook.com/RipattiAndRose


Barry and Mookie of David Nelson Band, Phil & Friends, Bob Weir, Moonalice

Fri. Sept. 2 at 8pm

$10 Dance <21 w/parent

Cosmic Honky-Tonk Americana Jamband Musical Adventurers


Edge of The West:  Musical adventurers Edge Of The West have been steadily touring the Western US, Alaska and Hawaii since 2016, exploring the deep American outback, exciting audiences and rocking their Americana-outlaw hippie jamband blend of originals and rootsy covers. Their energetic and danceable sound appeals to a wide variety of music fans, lighting up rooms and festival grounds. The four accomplished musicians, singers and writers in the group bring a bounty of songs of their own plus a deep repertoire of covers in many genres, often leaning toward the 70's sounds of country, rock and the Grateful Dead. Their eponymous first record received enthusiastic airplay and reviews, with the next one in process for release this year. Featuring familiar musicians who've also played with the New Riders of the Purple Sage, Todd Snider, Cake, David Nelson Band, Great American Taxi, Stu Allen, Jefferson Starship, Johnny Paycheck and more, Edge Of The West brings some serious cred, history, family ties and deep musical roots to the table. And they know how to show ‘em a good time. That's what they do. Guitar, Vocals: Jim Lewin, Bass, Vocals: Bill Laymon, Keyboards, Vocals: Ken Margolis Drums, Vocals: Marty Carpenter

Barry Sless, fresh off tour with Bob Weir & The Wolf Brothers, and Mookie Siegel  reunite with Edge of The West's bassist Bill Laymon – all founding members of the David Nelson Band.

Barry Sless  is a lead guitar and pedal steel master who plays with Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, and many of the greats on the national scene today and started out with KPIG and KFAT favorites Cowboy Jazz. Barry is known for his articulate playing and extended solos, slowly building to crescendos that blow the roof off.


Artist sites and sounds:  

http://www.edgeofthewest.band and   https://www.facebook.com/edgeofthewestband/

 and  http://www.nelsonband.com/barry-sless/



The Refugees A Tribute to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Recreating all the hits, signature guitar solos and rich vocal harmonies down
to the smallest detail

Sat. Sept. 3 at 8pm

$15 Dance <21 w/parent

Shortly after completing their 40th Anniversary Heartbreakers tour, Tom Petty passed away on October 2, 2017.  Honoring this Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee's memory and keeping his music alive, The Refugees tastefully and respectfully celebrate the repertoire of this classic performer.

The Refugees have been entertaining Bay Area crowds since 2007, bringing the music of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers to local stages with a stunning level of realism. Voted the top tribute band in the Bay Area on The Greg Kihn Radio Show, their extensive song catalog includes all of Petty's hits with the Heartbreakers, as well as his solo work, and other side projects like The Traveling Wilburys and Mudcrutch.

 Recreating all the signature guitar solos and rich vocal harmonies down to the smallest detail, The Refugees make even die-hard Petty fans feel like they are at a Tom Petty concert. Iconic hits like “Free Fallin”, “American Girl”, “I Won't Back Down”, “Refugee” and “Mary Jane's Last Dance” honor the music and memory of one of the most popular musicians of our time.

 "You got that Petty thing down...you guys sounded outstanding!" -Greg Kihn, KFOX 98.5

 "I was amazed by their performance. They make you want to go out and buy Tom Petty CDs."

-Susan Snider, Southern Fried Magazine

Artist sites and sounds: 
  http://www.refugeesrock.com   and  www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgGKzqCVFWg


Sun. Sept. 4 at 5:30pm

$15 Adv. $20 Door   

Grateful Dead tunes with Matt Hartle and Friends

Artist sites and sounds:    www.facebook.com/GratefulSundays/

New weekly link to Grateful Sundays live online can be found every Sunday at: https://m.facebook.com/GratefulSundays/


Celebrating Bessie Smith, Nina Simone, Etta James, Big Mama Thornton, Janis Joplin and more

Thu. Sept. 8 at 6pm

No Cover

The Buffalo Blues Trio celebrates the rich history of American blues music, highlighting female blues artists from the 1920's-1960's like Bessie Smith, Nina Simone, Etta James, Big Mama Thornton, Janis Joplin and more.  Ramon Marc Butler on guitar, Diane Bock on upright bass and Michele Murphy on lead vocals.  

Artist sites and sounds:  https://m.facebook.com/BuffaloBluesTrio/



Covering Jazz & Pop standards by Amy Winehouse, Nora Jones, Miles Davis, Kenny Burrell and more

Fri. Sept. 9 at 5pm

No Cover

Artist sites and sounds: 



A night of dancing & magic with Tatiana & Treetop's Floratura +  Reb & The Good News

Fri. Sept. 9 at 8pm
$15 Dance<21 w/parent

Tatiana & Treetop's Floratura :  A homespun Santa Cruz Jam Soul Fusion band that offers new original tunes inspired by a variety of genres and serendipitous experiences. Offering refreshing arrangements of dance-y nugs from across the American diaspora as well as stirring spins on Afro-Latino feels. We like to drive the jams deep and far as we explore improvised odyssey's and riveting grooves. Cultivating a fertile environment for the mind and body. Tatiana and Treetop have been playing and writing music together for 10 plus years. They formed the band 2 ½ years ago in the Santa Cruz mountains . 

Reb & The Good News is a band out of Portland, OR, celebrating the 2021 release of their debut album “Wings.” Led by vocalist and guitarist Rebecca Conner, this project is a culmination of Rebecca's passion for a multitude of genres and influences. World-beats and funky grooves intermix with soulful horns and folk delicacy to create songs filled with hope. Rebecca's heart-centered, velvet vocals are delivered with a vulnerability that unravels listeners down to their core. With music as her catalyst for transmuting pain into healing, Rebecca holds space for the embers of gratitude and optimism to be ignited into a flame you can warm your soul to.

Artist sites and sounds:  https://linktr.ee/tatianaandtreetop  and  https://rebandthegoodnews.com


Enjoy Grateful Dead, JGB, Old & In the Way, Kingfish, Dylan and Original Tunes

Sat. Sept. 10 at 8pm

 $10 Dance <21 w/parent

Rosebud is an all-star ensemble of Grateful Dead musicians who have found the sum to be greater than the parts. Scott Cooper (from the China Cats), Fred Rodriguez and Lachlann Kane blend their velvety three-part harmony vocals on top pristine instrumental passages. The band is rounded out by drummer Mark Corsolini and bassist Andy Birchett. Rosebud has been playing together consistently since 2017 and it shows in their tight arrangements yet loose jamming. In addition to Dead material, the band includes lots of JGB, Old & In the Way, Kingfish, Dylan, originals and a lot more material that fits right in with the Dead vibe; stuff Jerry could have done.

Artist sites and sounds:   www.facebook.com/rosebudsantacruz/


Dancy, funky, bluesy, jammy, groovadelic ear bug catchy hooky fun sounds

Thu. Sept. 15 at 7:30pm
$10 Dance<21 w/parent

Monkeyhands is a fledgling five digit force of dancy funky bluesy jammy rocky type of unclassifiable ear bug catchy hooky fun sound.

Sol Soiree: A funky groovadelic 8 piece jam band, Sol Soiree consistently delivers as a psychedelic jazz jam dance band.  With infectious energy, a riveting female lead vocalist, and enough laid back confidence and precision in their instruments, Sol Soiree creates grooves that run long and deep. 

Artist sites and sounds:

  www.facebook.com/TheMonkeyhands and www.instagram.com/sol_soiree/?hl=en





An Evening of songcraft and outstanding performers celebrating the life of Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller and raising money for the Damon Gutzwiller Park

Fri. Sept 16 at 8pm $40  
Seated <21 w/parent

Mira Goto follows in the footsteps of today's country songwriting superstars, driving powerful lyrics along with catchy choruses throughout her catalogue. The international, award-winning songwriter and performer won the NEXTies Musician of the Year in 2019; in 2020 & 2021 she won The Santa Cruz Good Times' Best Local Musician. Despite of the pandemic, Mira has worked hard to continue to bring new music to her fans around the world.

Steve Seskin will have you wiping away a tear one minute and laughing out loud the next. His songs all have messages that touch the hearts of everyone: from the feelings of a little boy missing his father, to growing up and being true to yourself, to one of his most well know themes of being considerate to and respectful of one another as expressed in “Don't Laugh at Me.

Bonny June writes original tunes that tell stories of heroes & villains, lovers & longing, cowgirls & supernatural creatures. Travel through light and dark with songstress Bonny June, accompanied by her producer and co-conspirator, guitarist/vocalist Ken Kraft (Snail, White Album Ensemble).

On June 6, 2020, Sergeant Damon Gutzwiller was killed in the line of duty while serving Santa Cruz County.  Sergeant Gutzwiller grew up in Santa Cruz County, owned his first home in the Willowbrook Neighborhood and frequented Willowbrook Park with his dog Shasta. This Memorial will be a place for his wife, two children, friends & the community to visit, and to ensure Damon's sacrifice is never forgotten.

Artist sites and sounds:  www.miragoto.com and www.steveseskin.com and https://bonnyjunetunes.com

Memorial Park link: www.countyparkfriends.org/willowbrook.html


Old and New School Blues, Rock Classics and Motown Gems

Sat. Sept. 17 at 8pm

$10 Dance<21 w/parent

Ten O'Clock Lunch Band bring on their brand of funky fun, great harmonies and infectious grooves. From Smoky to Gladys, Sam Cooke, Staples, Temptations, 4 Tops, Stevie Wonder, Jackie Wilson, Wilson Pickett, Arthur Conley, Bobby Blue Bland and beyond to rock classics.  

Artist sites and sounds:  www.facebook.com/TenOClockLunchBand



Celebrating the 90's Alternative Rock Revolution

Thu. Sept. 22 at 7:30pm
$10 Dance<21 w/parent

Octane is a 90's edgy classic rock band covering the likes of Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana and more.  The alternative rock movement of the 1990s was a breath of fresh air, coming at the music world from creative, exciting angles, bringing new sounds and new ways of thinking about music. Octane celebrates the 90's Alternative Rock Revolution live on stage tonight.



The Magic of Beatles Harmonies

Fri. Sept. 23 at 5pm
No Cover

The Paperback Ryders are an acoustic harmony power-trio. While mainly a Beatles tribute band they also cover songs by other notable harmony bands. The attention to accurate replication of those vocal arrangements is evident upon hearing the first note.

Artist sites and sounds: 



Snail returns celebrating Bob O'Neill's Birthday

Fri. Sept. 23 at 8pm

 $20 Dance<21 w/parent

Snail recently celebrated their new CD, “Snail Rocks” to a packed house at Michael's on Main. The atmosphere was electric times ten. Bob O' Neill and Ken Kraft have recruited bassist/vocalist extraordinaire, Craig Owens and renowned drummer/percussionist Jim Norris to revive Santa Cruz's famed and fabled hard rock band, Snail. The result is a blend of the old, the new and the unexpected. Fasten your seatbelts.--You're in for a Rockin' Ride! 

Artist sites and sounds:   https://snailrocks.com


Canadian folk music group from Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu in Quebec

Tue. Sept. 27 at 7:30pm

$22 adv./$27 door

Celtic society members receive $2 discount on the above prices by way of rebate at the door


Le Vent Du Nord:  The award winning and highly acclaimed band Le Vent du Nord are a leading force in Québec's exciting and progressive Francophone folk movement. The group's vast repertoire draws from both traditional sources and original compositions, while their highly rhythmic and soulful music, rooted in the Celtic diaspora, is enhanced with a broad range of global influences. Since first launching in August 2002, Le Vent du Nord have enjoyed meteoric success, performing well over 2,000 concerts over 4 continents and racking up several prestigious awards, including a Grand Prix du Disque Charles Cros, two Junos (Canada's Grammys), a Félix at ADISQ, a Canadian Folk Music Award, and “Artist of the Year” at Folk Alliance Annual Gala.

The group regularly appear on Canadian, American, French, and UK television and radio and have participated in a wide variety of special musical projects that exhibit their great finesse and flexibility. They've collaborated and performed with a diverse range of artists including: Harry Manx, Väsen, Dervish, The Chieftains, Breton musical pioneer Yann-Fañch Kemener, Québécois roots legend and master storyteller Michel Faubert, the Scottish folk band Breabach, Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis, and the trans-Mediterranean ensemble Constantinople.

Le Vent du Nord look beyond the standard approaches to tradition in their collaborations and they've also created a symphonic concert that, according to Voir Montreal, “puts all traditional folk naysayers to shame.” On stage these five friends create intense, joyful and dynamic live performances that expand the bounds of tradition in striking global directions. This is the modern sound of tradition, a music of the here and now.  



Artist sites and sounds:  https://leventdunord.com/en/


Murder Mystery
and Three Course Dinner
on our Creekside Deck

Sat. Sept. 24 at 6:30pm
$50 Seated-12 years and older

Price includes 3 Course Dinner

Two Families are on vacation at a seaside resort – Someone ends up dead –who did it?
Come to Michael's on Main and help solve the mystery.

View tonight's dinner menu: http://www.michaelsonmainmusic.com/dinner_and_a_show_menu.png


Recreating those magic shows opening with a “Bitches Brew” set followed by the music of the Grateful Dead

Thu. Sept. 29 at 7:30pm

$15 Dance<21 w/parent

Fifty-two years ago, the Grateful Dead and Miles Davis Quintet opened a four-night run of shows together at Bill Graham‘s Fillmore West

John Hanrahan:  A veteran of the Chicago music scene, drummer/singer John Hanrahan has made a strong and versatile impression in jam bands throughout the country as well as the project with his quartet performing and releasing in 2016, John Coltrane's A Love Supreme at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center. Currently the John Hanrahan Quartet has been performing a variety of tributes around the Bay Area to great jazz musicians of the '60s, including John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, and Miles Davis projects. You can also find Hanrahan performing throughout the Bay Area with Freestone Peaches, Stu Allen and Mars Hotel, Matt Hartle, and Colorado's own Shakedown Street.

Matt Hartle  is renowned as the firebrand lead guitarist of The China Cats, the highly respected Grateful Dead tribute act. Matt is also a member of Painted Mandolin - an acoustic quartet featuring multi-instrumental wizard Joe Craven, of The Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band and David Grisman Quintet A quick scan of the list of players Matt Harle has collaborated with gives an indication of the dimensions of his musical affinities: Melvin Seals; Henry Kaiser; Greg Anton; Donna Jean Godchaux; Dave Hebert; Joe Craven; and Stu Allen to name only a few.. 

The band:  John Hanrahan, drums, vocals; Matt Hartle, guitar, vocals; Murph Murphy, bass; Jordan Feinstein, keys, vocals; Andrew Dixon, woodwinds

Artist sites and sounds: 

www.facebook.com/jhanrahanquartet  and  http://matthartlemusic.com



The feel, excitement and raw energy of the Allman Brothers Band live in concert

Fri. Sept. 30 at 8pm

$20 Dance<21 w/parent


Allman Brothers Band tribute: Freestone Peaches captures the feel, excitement and raw energy of the Allman Brothers Band live in concert. The SF Bay Area based band is comprised of veteran jam, jazz, blues, rock, country and Allman Brothers Band enthusiasts, Freestone Peaches features Ned Patchett on lead/slide guitar (Duane Allman), Jeff Faust on bass (Berry Oakley), Michael Berry on lead guitar (Dickey Betts), Mark Corsolini on drums (Butch Trucks), Ray Hauck on drums (Jai Johanny "Jaimoe" Johanson), Jefferson Bergey on vocals (Gregg Allman) and Paul Rustigian on B3/keyboards (Gregg Allman).  

Artist sites and sounds:   www.freestonepeaches.com


Featuring members of China Cats, Cosmic Pinball, Slug's & Roses, Velour, Stu Allen & Mars Hotel)

Sat. Oct. 1 at 8pm

$10 Dance<21 w/parent

Brotherhood of Freaks is a tribute to the Chris Robinson Brotherhood. Formed in 2011 while the Black Crowes were on hiatus, and as seemingly a reaction to the success and excess of the Black Crowes, CRB was formed after jam sessions in Laurel Canyon and at Phil Lesh's Terrapin Crossroads brought Chris Robinson, keyboardist Adam MacDougall, and guitarist Neal Casal together.  


CRB toured extensively from 2011 until the untimely passing of Neal Casal in 2019. In those years, music freaks in California, the rest of the United States, Europe and Australia were treated to CRB's unique psychedelic and danceable blend of rock and roll, blues, country, and funk & soul, featuring great original songs and a curation of heady interpretations of what Gram Parsons must have had in mind when he coined the phrase Cosmic American Music.  

After the tragic passing of Neal Casal, CRB disbanded, Chris Robinson reformed the Black Crowes, and the other musicians went on to other projects, and it seemed that the amazing catalog of songs performed by the CRB in their nine-year run might fall by the wayside.  Brotherhood of Freaks was formed to keep that treasure trove of musical bliss alive and rockin'. 


Based in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Brotherhood of Freaks features Mike Cross on vocals and rhythm guitar, Mike Johnson (Cosmic Pinball, Kava Jah) on lead guitar, Paul Garcia (Puffball Collective, Slugs & Roses) on drums, and Kyle Gorath (Velour) on bass, and Steve Sofranko (China Cats, Stu Allen & Mars Hotel) on keyboards and vocals. We have embraced the CRB catalog and hope to lovingly play it for your listening and dancing pleasure!

Artist sites and sounds:   www.facebook.com/BrotherhoodofFreaks  and  www.brotherhoodoffreaks.com  and  www.instagram.com/brotherhoodoffreaks/



Thu. Oct. 6 at 7:30pm

$20 Seated <21 w/parent

Marley's Ghost:  As most people will tell you, there's an undeniable connection between versatility and variation. Suffice it to say that each depends on the other. In the case of West Coast-based Marley's Ghost, that eclectic energy has resulted in a broad repertoire that has defied any ability to tag them to any one particular genre. Their dozen albums to date — like the output of The Band — survey a broad scope of Americana and acoustic music in general, refusing to confine them to any singular niche.

Or, as the L.A. Weekly aptly put it, “This West Coast group deftly dashes across decades of American music to create a sound that's steeped in tradition but never bogged down by traditionalism.”

Composed of singer/multi-instrumentalists Wheetman, Jon Wilcox, Mike Phelan, Ed Littlefield Jr., Jerry Fletcher, and Bob Nichols, the band can sing and play anything with spot-on feel, from roots to rock, blues to bluegrass, gospel to stone country, which is what they've been doing – to the ongoing delight of a fervent cult that includes many of their fellow musicians – for over 35 years as a working unit. More than three decades from that initial spark, they're still playing together with the same passion, purpose and chemistry that inspired them early on.

“It is, and always has been, about the music,” bassist, fiddler, guitarist, singer and chief songwriter Dan Wheetman insists. “That's what's kept this band going for so long. It's always been about digging a little deeper, honing our skills and celebrating the entire playing process. That drives us forward.”?“The vocals will blow you away with their purity. The group sings with the heartfelt conviction that only those who embody music's spirituality can convey.” – Relix

“Remarkable, distinctive voices, giddily eccentric eclecticism, a heady subversive treat.” – No Depression

“The real draw is the band itself, showcasing the kind of ensemble performances that come only from a lifetime of playing together, thriving across the decades as virtuosic, unsung heroes of country, folk, and Western swing.” – Acoustic Guitar

Artist sites and sounds: 



The Bay Area's Own Celtic All-Star Summer of Love Party Band

Fri. Oct. 7 at 8pm
$20 Dance<21 w/parent

Irish jigs and reels with the songs of the Grateful Dead and other iconic ‘60s bands

WAKE THE DEAD returns to Santa Cruz Saturday, February 5th, for the first time in two years.  Nobody has ever combined Irish jigs and reels with the songs of the Grateful Dead and other iconic ‘60s bands like this powerhouse acoustic sextet.  Soaring vocal harmonies and daring instrumentals fuel a singular groove engine, delighting Celtoids and Deadheads alike.  In their 22nd year performing, WAKE THE DEAD now embraces the entire Summer of Love. The Airplane, the Youngbloods, Buffalo Springfield, and even the Beatles are now joyful parts of the mix.  Local fans are guaranteed brand-new surprises.

Artist sites and sounds:  www.wakethedead.org



Led Kaapana with Fran Guidry   1pm Matinee

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar, Vocal & Ukulele Master, and Grammy Award Winner

Sun. Oct. 9 at 1pm

 $25 Seated <21 w/parent

Led Kaapana's  mastery of stringed instruments, particularly slack key guitar, and his extraordinary baritone and leo ki`eki`e (falsetto) voices, have made him a musical legend. He has been thrilling audiences for more than 40 years. With easy-going style and kolohe (rascal) charm, he has built a loyal corps of Led Heads  from Brussels to his birthplace on the Big Island of Hawaii. Recognition by his peers earned Led 4 Grammy nominations in his own right and 2 wins on slack key compilations.   Like so many Hawaiians, Led grew up in a musical family. In the tiny black sand bay village of Kalapana,  there were few distractions. "We didn't have electricity, no television, not even much radio," says Led. "So we entertained ourselves. You could go to any house and everybody was playing music." Often everybody was playing music at a backyard party, many of which lasted for days. "People played in shifts, taking over when somebody went to sleep," Led recalls. "You'd fall asleep to the music, wake up and the music was still playing. That was the best alarm clock I ever had!" 

"COME EARLY FOR HAWAIIAN LUNCH SPECIAL--not included with ticket purchase”

Fran Guidry:   Slack Key guitarist Fran will accompany Led for an unforgettable matinee  of Hawaiian music

Artist sites and sounds: https://ledkaapana.com and www.kaleponi.com



KPIG favorite from the South Island of New Zealand

Tue. Oct. 11 at 7:30pm
$15 Seated <21 w/parent

Her song “Outsider” from her album of the same name has been featured on KPIG for many months

Jackie Bristow: The lure of the road has always been a defining motivation recently for singer-songwriter Jackie Bristow. She took her first musical steps in Gore, in the South Island of New Zealand, honed her craft in the pubs and clubs of Sydney, Australia, and found her voice in the United States, where she has continued to enhance her reputation as a soulful, seductive independent recording artist and dynamic live performer. Like Joni Mitchell, Shawn Colvin and Bonnie Raitt, Jackie has created a body of work that will endure, finely shaded songs that are at once personal and universal, recording with her long-time musical partner, Australian-born guitarist and producer Mark Punch. American Songwriter has hailed Jackie as “crafting some of the most beautiful, compelling Americana today.

Artist sites and sounds: 


Sink your teeth into your favorite 70's and 80's Dance Rock with The Lost Boys

Fri. Oct. 14 at 8pm
  $25  Dance<21 w/parent

Featuring the one and only


The Lost Boys are James Durbin, Ian Babcock, Scott McPherson, and Steven Moore

Artist sites and sounds: www.facebook.com/TheLostBoysSC/   and https://www.instagram.com/thelostboysscband/ and www.JamesDurbinOfficial.com


Dynamic 10-piece band specializing in both modern and traditional Latin music and rhythms

Sat. Oct. 15 at 8pm
 $15 Dance <21 w/parent

Santa Cruz Latin Collective is a dynamic and energetic 10-piece band from Santa Cruz specializing in both modern and traditional Latin music and rhythms, influenced by Santana, Malo, Sapo, Fania All Stars, Eddie Palmieri and many other great artists who have come before us. Santa Cruz Latin Collective: was founded in 2021 by Timbalero Jimmy Palafox and local Latin legend Oscar Estrella, with a vision of bringing together a group of positive youthful energy and talented professional musicianship. 

Jimmy is a native of Santa Cruz and founder of local rock band, the New Horizons. Oscar emigrated from his native Cuba in his teens to grow up in the Mission District of San Francisco, where he took up the guitar and became part of the Latin Rock movement. He was a member of the seminal Latin Rock band SAPO and currently plays guitar with Latin legends MALO founded by Carlos Santana's younger brother Jorge Santana and Arcelio Garcia. 

Santa Cruz Latin Collective: features an outstanding lead vocalist, a versatile percussion-driven rhythm section, and a 3-man horn section. Santa Cruz Latin Collective: presents a dynamic, fun and energetic performance guaranteed to grab any crowd's attention and appeal to a diverse group of music lovers and dancers.

Artist sites and sounds:  https://slvpost.com/santa-cruz-latin-music-collective-salsa/  and   www.youtube.com/watch?v=fke7TrDsK78


"An especially eloquent mixture of the old and the new."    - New York Times

Thu. Oct. 27 at 7:30pm
$22 adv./$27 door Seated <21 w/parent

Celtic society members receive $2 discount on the above prices by way of rebate at the door


The Tannahill Weavers are one of Scotland 's premier traditional bands. Their diverse repertoire spans the centuries with fire-driven instrumentals, topical songs, and original ballads and lullabies. Their music demonstrates to old and young alike the rich and varied musical heritage of the Celtic people. These versatile musicians have received worldwide accolades consistently over the years for their exuberant performances and outstanding recording efforts that seemingly can't get better...yet continue to do just that.

The music may be pure old time Celtic, but the drive
and enthusiasm are akin to straight ahead rock and roll.” - Winnipeg Free Press

Artist sites and sounds:  https://tannahillweavers.com

2591 Main St, Soquel, CA 95073

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